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I have been looking into opportunities to learn some more skills… I am really hoping to get my Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) certification from Karen Strange, CPM. I hear her workshops are well worth it. Hopefully it will work out to do so very soon!

And I am very determined to finish the third phase of my AAMI studies sooner rather than later. Which means I shouldn’t be procrastinating blogging, but instead I should be studying! 😉


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They come out with this. Honestly, I’ve tried to be open-minded and make sure this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction. But I just cannot think of any good use for this machine even two days later.

I guess maybe it’s because I’ve seen so many lovely births that didn’t include IVs, continuous EFM/IFM and epidurals. I just don’t see where BirthTrack has a place in normal birth… or that it won’t increase the aforementioned interventions and cause more Cesareans due to the cascade of interventions.

I would much rather lie down for a gentle vaginal exam at the hands of my midwife than have a monitor clipped to my cervix. I also see it as just that much more u/s and doppler exposure.

What do you think?

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