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9 Months & Beyond, LLC offers a full doula services, lactation support and parenting education. We combine the best resources of a doula agency and pregnancy/ parenting boutique with a respectful, supportive community. From conception through the first years of parenting, we help birthing families through a range of counseling and educational services and products designed for their special circumstances.
Specialties include:
birth doula support
childbirth education
birth tub & breastpump rental
parent & child classes/play
lactation education and consultation
parenting education
support groups
products that promote attachment and connected parenting (such as slings, books, etc)

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As early as 1700, Bernardino Ramazzini, the Italian founder of occupational medicine, recognised that there was one female occupation whose members were far more likely to die from breast cancer than any other – nuns.

Evidence for the protective effect of having children and breastfeeding has accumulated in the years since.

There have been debates over which of these factors is more important, but the size of the Million Women study, led by Valerie Beral from the clinical epidemiology unit at Oxford University, has made its results fairly conclusive. Beral yesterday challenged the medical industry to turn its attention to preventing the disease.

The Million Women study found having a first baby at a young age is protective, as is late onset of puberty and early menopause. Taller and heavier women are at greater risk. But the biggest protective factors are the number of children and years of breastfeeding. A woman has a 7% decreased risk of breast cancer per birth and her risk drops by a further 4% for every year of breastfeeding.

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Women are strong

That quote I see frequently… “We have a secret in our culture… and it’s not that birth is painful.  It’s that women are strong.” (Laura Stavoe Harm).

Well, it’s TRUE!

I was honored to witness a mom VBAC last week.  The words that come to mind are Amazing, Beautiful, and Magnificient.  I choose to see the beauty of a woman find her strength instead of focusing on the things that did not go according to plan.  While it was not the HBAC that was planned, but it was a VBAC- and it was Victorious.

Welcome to our world, little one… and congrats momma.  You did it, despite all odds.

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