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It’s that time again!
We are gearing up for our legislative session! We will be filing a licensure bill again this year, and we will not be successful without your help.  We will be contacting you all in the next few weeks and we will be asking you to make phone calls, write letters, and speak to legislators about our bill. As you know, midwives in Indiana, and other (mostly) midwestern states face felony charges for practicing medicine and practicing midwifery without a license.  Midwives can be fined, and can go to prison for serving Indiana families.  Our licensure bill would remove the “practicing medicine” charge, and also legalize the practice of midwifery.  We started researching midwifery licensure bills in 1993, and have worked since then trying to get our bill passed.

This year we hired a lobbyist who knows the ins and outs of life at the Statehouse.  She greatly improves our chances of getting our bill passed.  However we still need all of you, and all of your efforts.  We also need you to help us pay for our lobbyist.  The midwives have done several fundraisers, and we have donated our own money, but we still owe $15,000 and we need your help.  We know that times are tough, and no one has much money to spare.  But if every Indiana homebirth family would donate $10 to our cause, we could pay our lobbyist.  Please help us get our bill passed this year!  Please make it possible for the midwives in Indiana to continue to serve you.  We want to be there when you need us — we want to be able to answer our phones without fear.  You can send checks to Indiana Midwifery Taskforce, PO Box 6145, Bloomington, In 47407 or you can give through PayPal by going to http://www.indianamidwiferytaskforce.org/

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Please consider a donation if you support Indiana midwives and homebirthing families!  I plan to send along a $20 donation: one for each of my amazing midwife-attended homebirths.  I know money is tight for many of us, but it is an important cause.  🙂

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