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Our bill is scheduled to be heard on Feb 18th!!!!

The Indiana Midwifery Taskforce was founded December 21,1993 with the sole purpose of legalizing midwives in Indiana, and for the past 13 years we have been working on a midwifery licensure bill.  After all of those years, and an incalculable amount of work, we have been told that our bill will be heard in the Senate Health Committee on February 18!  We have never been able to get a hearing in the Senate until now.  Our lobbyist, Kathy has been working overtime to get this for us.

We have been asked NOT to pack the hearing with moms and babies.  A few handpicked people will be testifying.  We know that many other bills will be heard that day, and our time will be very limited.  We also know that because of the economic crunch, there is no funding for new licensure boards and it will be very difficult to get a licensure bill through this year. It is also possible that at the last minute, it won’t be heard, because such is the nature of hearings, legislation and politics at the Statehouse.

There will be other hearings, and other opportunities when it will be vital for you to participate at the Statehouse as our bill moves through the legislature. Stay tuned because we need you! We will be keeping you informed, so expect lots of emails for the next month or so.  We are still in the preliminary stages.

What you can do —


Send money to IMT to help pay for the lobbyist.

Write letters to your senator and representative asking them to vote YES on SB 508, the midwifery licensure bill.

Help us find nurses and doctors who will write to the Senate Health Committee Members in favor of CPMS and our bill.  (This needs to be done ASAP)

 We could never have gotten this far without your amazing support! Thank you all for what you do for midwifery in Indiana!

 Indiana Midwifery Taskforce


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